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THE ONE- Hayden Brenen  

Craig was the DP on this project. The music video was shot in June of 2019. It has over 30k views on YouTube. 

Service Hero- Service Hero 10X Event  

Craig produced and was the DP on this project with the help of his colleague Seth Yeager who edited the project.

Players Coach 

Player's Coach was Craig's directing debut. It's a short documentary on the head coach of the Orlando Predators Rob Keefe. Coach Keefe talks about the struggles and adversity it takes to get to the top. The film was released in 2014.

An Absolute Interview with Jeff

Craig sits down with Jeff and interviews him on his experience at Absolute. Craig directed, shot, and edited, the entire piece.

In Indy with JDub 

In December of 2020 Jason Walker hired Craig to shoot and edit a video on Jason's experience in Indianapolis training a company in the HVAC industry. 

LaBoom by Crystal commercial 

On this project Craig directed and produced this commercial for his client Crystal in Venice Beach, California. 

Home Base 

Home Base is a short film Craig directed in 2015.

Service Hero - Victor Rancour Intro

Craig produced and was editor on this project. With a limited turnaround time Craig was still able to get creative and cut this piece together before the deadline. 


Craig was the director of photography on this project. It was shot in March 2018. It has over 17k views

An Absolute Interview with Justin 

In March 2021 Craig sat down with Justin and interviewed him on what it's like to work at Absolute Airflow. Absolute Airflow is one of Craig's favorite clients. Craig shot, and edited the video.

 HVAC Maters of the Hustle podcast 

Craig collaborated with Jason Walker again in February of 2021 in Jason's studio to shoot a video of the behind the scenes look of Jason chopping it on his well renowned podcast that is known all over the HVAC industry. Craig directed, dp'd, produced, and edited the video.

It's Bristol, Baby! 

Craig travels to Bristol, TN to film Natalie Decker racing in the Camping World truck series. Craig was the DP on the project. 

Natty Rico promo vid  

Natty Rico in Hollywood performing and Craig was there to capture it.

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