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We Had Plenty

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

We Had Plenty is a short film I helped produce in the fall of 2018. This project had a lot of challenges we never faced before one of them being a miniature scale person in the movie as well as a rain gag and car mount.

In the soundstage using a green screen. Hooper in miniature scale.


Thinking Outside The Box

We faced many challenges before even shooting the film. Budget, budget, budget. Because of the size of the budget that we were working with, it made shooting this a bit more tricky. Starting with the soundstage that we were shooting in. We found this dumpy soundstage in Hollywood that let us shoot in it for a low rate. When entering the soundstage we noticed the green cyclorama was fairly dirty and hadn't been repainted chromo green like new. We had to have the stagehand working the soundstage repaint it green for us before shooting. Having dirt on the cyclorama would have be seen when editing. After an hour of shooting one of the lights from above lighting the green screen shut off. With the light breaking and not being able to be fixed it limited the area that we could shoot ,making it difficult.

A still from the movie

Another still from the movie


Paige, playing the main character, Claire.

Our car mount rig

1st AC getting ready to pull pull focus

Setting up our rain gag

Setting up the rain gag which was a success

Paige getting into character

Watching the playback after using the rain gag

On set in Joshua Tree

The DP. framing up the shot

The 1st AC pulling focus

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