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Film Production Post-Covid 19

It's a different look and process than before, something I don't really care for but understand it's for everyone's safety.

Production in Hollywood is a lot different post Covid. It's been several months that the production industry has been shut down due to Covid 19. Now being back allowed on set to work it looks a lot different. It starts with a mandatory covid test and depending on the length of the production one test a week is required to ensure no one on set is infected. Masks and PPE are mandatory. The crew working close to the talent must wear face shields, gloves and gowns. Zones are setup meaning if you don't have a specific wristband for that zone you can not enter. You can't be close to other crew members keeping the six foot rule in effect. Crafty is setup differently, someone is handing out snacks and drinks instead of having a craft table. Catering is different, there's box lunches instead of a food bar and you can't sit next to anyone at the lunch table. There's a dedicated Covid team that works only with covid issues and a special nurse that specializes in covid. The entire department is required and adds a lot more money to the production. Maybe in time production will operate before covid but for the time being it's something that all cast and crew will have to adjust to and treat it as the new normal

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