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Craig Balog filming with a Red camera


Filmmaker . Director . Cinematographer . Editor . Photographer

I work as a freelance filmmaker, director, cinematographer, and editor, based in Los Angeles, California. I'm available to work local, nationwide, and worldwide on commercial, corporate, or tv projects. I help clients bring their vision to life from visualization and conception to a final deliverable.  

This website features a portfolio of some of my commercial and personal projects. I enjoy inspiring people through my imagery and unique storytelling. My passion for my craft and industry has allowed me to be versatile by working on projects of different magnitudes. These types of projects include documentaries, music videos, commercials, narratives both short and feature length as well as promo videos.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss any commissions or collaboration enquires you may have. 

Craig Balog shooting a music video
Craig A. Balog filming Nascar
Craig A. Balog interviewing coach Keefe
Craig Balog lighting for a music video
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